Great Marketing Starts with . . .

A High-Converting Website!

Your Website Is The Foundation Of Your Marketing

Great Websites & Hosting At Reasonable Prices

Your website is the FOUNDATON of your marketing.  Without a high-converting,  professional website all other marketing efforts are stunted.  Worse, you could literally be throwing away your hard-earned money!

But, here's the great news! You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great-looking, high-converting website that is SEO-friendly. 

What's Included:

We're pretty proud of the quality of the website we can deliver to you for such a reasonable price!
  • WordPress website.
  • Easy drag and drop website builder so you can easily make minor updates or changes on your own.
  • Branded colors that match your logo colors.
  • Great lead capture forms and call to action buttons on all pages.
  • On-page SEO.
  • Integration with Keap via Zapier.

Pricing For Every Budget

As with everything we do, we want you to get a great-quality website for a reasonable price.
  • Deluxe Website - $5,800
  • Standard Website - $4,300
  • Budget Website - $2,800 (Template 3 only)
  • Custom websites: priced per project

See Templates Below!

Add Ons:

  • Adwords or Facebook Landing Page(s) ($500 each)
  • Additional Pages ($500 each)
  • City Page(s) ($500 each)
  • Advanced on-page SEO (priced by the hour)
  • Leave Your Cleaner a Tip Page (Stripe/Square Integration) - $150
  • Gift Card Module (Stripe/Square Integration) - $150
  • Full employment eligibility & application - $300
  • Move existing blogs over to the new site - $50
  • Google Workspace Email set-up - $100
  • Website hosting & maintenance - $300/year
  • QR Code (your custom logo!) - Starting at $25

Budget Site - 7 Pages

  1. Home 
  2. About Us 
  3. (Service 1) Recurring Services
  4. (Service 2) Deep Cleaning
  5. (Service 3) Move Cleaning
  6. Contact Us
  7. FAQ

Standard Site

  1. Home 
  2. About Us 
  3. (Service 1) Recurring Services
  4. (Service 2) Deep Cleaning
  5. (Service 3) Move Cleaning
  6. (Service 4) Other
  7. Reviews
  8. Cleaning Checklists
  9. Contact Us
  10. FAQ
  11. Gift Cards
  12. Blog
  13. Employment

Does not include city pages.

Deluxe Site

  1. Home 
  2. About Us 
  3. (Service 1) Recurring Services
  4. (Service 2) Deep Cleaning
  5. (Service 3) Move Cleaning
  6. (Service 4) Other
  7. Reviews
  8. Checklists
  9. Contact Us
  10. FAQ
  11. Gift Cards (with stripe integration)
  12. Blog
  13. Employment (with Application)
  14. (City Page) City 1
  15. (City Page) City 2
  16. (City Page) City 3
  17. (City Page) City 4
  18. (City Page) City 5

Check Out Our Templates

Website templates are a "starting place." When building a website, you pick the template that you like the most, then we select images, write page content, and select colors specifically for your company and brand.  Before you know it, you have a beautiful and unique website.

STEP 1: Pick a template that you like (1 - 5).

STEP 2: Decide on the number of pages (5, 10, or 15).

STEP 3: We'll build you a beautiful website that looks like a custom site!

NOTE: All of our templates were designed & built by Cleaning Business Growth. All content will be original and written by our professional copywriter. All images will be changed out and will coordinate with your logo colors. We take great pride in customizing your home page and guarantee your website will look amazing.

Our websites are built and ready to go live within 4 weeks - GUARANTEED!

The Design Process

We try to keep the design process as simple as possible.  We collect a lot of information upfront about the look and feel of your website.

Step 1: Pick a template

Step 2: We will do the initial design

Step 3: 1st Review

Step 4: We'll make any needed changes

Step 5: Final Review

Step 6: Launch your new website!

See our the website purchase agreement.

Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

We also offer website hosting and maintenance which includes:

  • Website hosting
  • Routine website maintenance and plugin updates
  • Weekly backups
  • Annual SSL certificate
  • And maybe most importantly, if something goes wrong we're here ASAP to fix it!

Cost: $300/year

(1st year hosting is 50% off with a new website build)

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