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Our Founder's Story


Ginger Whitson worked in corporate America for over 20 years as a trainer, coach and management consultant.  When she retired in 2013, she decided to live her dream of owning her own small business and started Love My Maids LLC in Arlington Texas.  In just over three short years, Ginger grew her cleaning business to become a Million Dollar Maid Service with over 350 recurring clients and 25 employees.  

What's her secret?  Great systems and great marketing!  Now, Ginger wants to help you grow your cleaning business with a great marketing plan, a sales funnel full of leads and marketing automation with the Keap® family of automation products! 

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Ready to Grow Your Cleaning Business?


Create a Great Marketing Plan

Marketing is what fuels growth!  But, it can be daunting to try to figure out where to invest limited marketing dollars.  We can cut through the confusion and help you put together a marketing plan that is customized to make the most of your marketing budget.

  • Attract and capture more leads
  • Make more sales with a great sales process
  • Wow your customers and get lots of reviews and referrals


Fill Up Your Sales Funnel With Leads

Business growth is dependent on a steady and reliable stream of new leads.  When you fail to keep your funnel full, your sales become inconsistent.  Optimizing your sales funnel with great marketing reduces the risk of having lulls or spikes in new business. With consistency, your cleaning business is better equipped to grow at a pace that can be planned and managed.   


Put Your Marketing Into Overdrive with Keap®

All of this sound daunting?  It can be!  But, with the power of Keap's marketing automation 90% of your marketing can be automated, leaving you time and energy to actually operate your business!  

  • Automate lead capture
  • Generate automated follow-up reminders
  • Market to prospects continually
  • Regularly ask customers for reviews and referrals


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Ginger Whitson


  Ginger is the founder of Cleaning Business Growth and an Keap Certified Partner.   Ginger also owns Love My Maids in Arlington Texas.  She started her cleaning business in 2015 and in just over three years grew to over $1 Million in annual revenue!  She is so passionate about how Keap can fuel small business growth that she now spends her days helping other business owners grow their business with the power of marketing automation. 

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Paul Auguste


 Paul Auguste owns HomePlus Cleaning, is an Keap Certified Consultant, and CEO of AugusteGlobal. Paul is most proud of being able to take his business that was on the verge of closing to 365% growth in a year. He attributes his success in part to Keap and has since then been helping cleaning business owners grow their business and free up their time through marketing automation.  

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John Parish


 John Parish is an Keap Consultant. John is responsible for customizing client campaigns, training clients to use Keap and provides post-purchase technical support.  He is also very familiar with the service industry. He ran his own landscaping business and has worked in his family's cleaning business (Homekeepers in Houston Tx). John loves helping cleaning business owners grow their business with Keap.  

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