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Google Ads PPC Campaigns

When we manage your Google Ads campaigns (previously known as Google AdWords), we will target the keywords that drive your ideal client to your website. And, since we specialize in marketing for the residential cleaning industry, we know exactly which keywords work best.  We guarantee great results and will set up conversion tracking to make sure the ads are working and your website is converting.

What's Included:

  • Research keywords for your services and local area.
  • Analyze competitor ads.
  • Create the appropriate campaign structure.
  • Create great ad copy that is known to convert.
  • Set up conversion tracking.
  • Optimize campaigns monthly.


We're all about making sure our services are reasonably priced based on the time required for us to properly manage and optimize your Google Ads campaigns. Our management fees are based on your ad spend.
  • Monthly Ad Spend of up to $1500 - $400/month
  • Monthly Ad Spend of over $1500 - $500/month

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Google is the place to be if you want the people searching for a cleaning service to find you!  One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to show up at the top of the first page of Google is to run a Google Adwords campaign.  We will set-up your campaigns, focus on getting you conversions and optimize the campaign monthly.

Step 1


Set up a free marketing audit and let's discuss ways to get your company growing.

Step 2


We'll explain everything we can do, then you decide the monthly ad spend best for you.

Step 3


We will get your new Google Ads set up and you'll start getting more leads!

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