Want To Grow Your Business? Grow You!

 Everyone is looking for the "secret sauce" that will guarantee their success.  Is it marketing you ask?  Is it operations?  Is it leadership?  While these things are critically important, they're not the secret sauce.  The "SECRET SAUCE" is YOU!  Your skills and your ability to solve problems, innovate and lead people.   So, let's start growing YOU!

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Michelle Ferris


 Michelle and her husband Ben founded Rain City Maids in 2015. Through hard work and perseverance they grew their business to over $1 million dollars in annual sales in just two years! Michelle leverages the experiences she has gained to help others grow their own cleaning business and achieve their goals through great marketing and marketing automation.   Michelle is also a Keap Certified Consultant. 

Ginger Whitson


 Ginger is the founder of Cleaning Business Growth and an Keap Certified Partner. Ginger also owns Love My Maids in Arlington Texas.  She started her cleaning business in 2015 and, in just over three years, grew to over $1 Million in annual revenue!  She is so passionate about how  Keap can fuel small business growth that she now spends all of her time helping other business owners grow their business with the power of marketing automation.