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Cleaning Business Growth was built by a cleaning business owner (me) for cleaning business owners (you).

I'm not just any vendor! I am a cleaning business owner just like you.  And, just like you, I built my cleaning businesses from the ground up.  I started my cleaning business in January 2015.  By mid-year 2018 my company as a Million Dollar Maid Service!    I understand the challenges of building a business because I've been there.   I have also been very successful, so I understand better than most what it takes to grow a thriving cleaning business.  I'd love to help you grow yours!

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Ginger Whitson

  Ginger is the founder of Cleaning Business Growth and an Keap Certified Partner. Ginger also owns Love My Maids in Arlington Texas.  She started her cleaning business in 2015 and, in just over three years, grew to over $1 Million in annual revenue!  She is so passionate about how  Keap can fuel small business growth that she now spends all of her time helping other business owners grow their business with the power of marketing automation. 

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